Paleros, which until 1928 was called Zaverda, belongs to the municipality of Aktion-Vonitsa and is bordered by the Ionian Sea. It is located between Mytikas and Vonitsa and is only half an hour away from Lefkada.

The charming township is famous for its beaches that attract even foreign tourists during the summer months. Vathiavali, Varko, Potamaki and Pogonia are some of the beaches appreciated by thousands of visitors.

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Ancient Paleros is a place of unparalleled beauty and grace, located high in the mountains overlooking the Ionian Sea and Lake Voulkaria. One of the most important battles of antiquity took place in the city, which had a population of over 10,000 inhabitants.

At nearby Actium, Antony and Cleopatra were defeated in a sea battle by Octavian, who built the city of Nicopolis to commemorate his victory and moved the population of Paleros to his new city in 31 BC.

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Ancient Paleros

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The islands of Lefkada, Kalamos and Meganisi are located in a relatively short distance and the geographical structure of the area meets the requirements of visitors who wish to escape to the mountains or the sea. Among the activities available in the area are hiking, cycling, diving, water sports and sailing.

Next to Paleros rises the mountain range of Sereka (1171m), which is one of the three major massifs of the Akarnanian conditions, and there are also other large and small mountains. The coastal zone with its rocky shores on the Ionian side, the lagoon between Vonitsa and Lefkada, the "armirovaltoi" and Lake Voulkaria are also of interest.

The heavenly Paleros is ideal for a romantic seaside walk overlooking the enchanting colours of the Ionian Sea. After your walk you can enjoy a coffee in the cafes of the area or taste traditional dishes from the beautiful taverns of the area.

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Traditional Products

The lush vegetation and mild climate contribute to the rich agricultural production of the area. This, combined with the fine traditional dishes of the region, makes it imperative to try local products such as wine, olive oil, honey, traditional ravani, white halva and spoon sweets.

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Archaeological Sites-Monuments

The main monuments that are preserved today in the area are:

  • The Castle of Kechropoula. The most important sights of the town are the Kerkopoulou Castle, the Kerkopoulou Castle, which has been preserved as a pillar, the double enclosure of the ancient Akarnani City, and the remains of ancient buildings have also been preserved.
  • The archaeological site of Sterna, located near the Old Slope.
  • The Castellia of Plagia, which were probably part of the fortification complex of Sterna.
  • The Castle of Griva in Peratia.
  • The Venetian Castle of Plagia called Agios Georgios, built at the end of the 17th century and declared a listed building in 1998. On the hill where the castle is built Dorpfeld placed the classical Niriko.
  • The Mansion of Grivas in Peratia
  • The Mansion of Rago in Paleros
  • The Paliochori of Pogonia and the old village of Plagia, where buildings of these old settlements are preserved. In the same area there are some caves which are unexplored.

There are many chapels and churches in the area. Those that stand out are:

  • The Holy Monastery of Agios Dimitrios is located in Paleros and was built around the 16th century. The church's katholikon is one-room stone-built with a semicircular arch and a gabled tiled roof.
  • The Monastery of Panagia of Romvi is located in Vato, it is a basilica style single-aisled and tiled. It is believed to have been built 100 years after the Fall of Constantinople.
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